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Smartlife CPU

Intel Xeon L5645 2.8 Ghz

6 cores 12 threads

INTEL Xeon Server CPU

Smartlife RAM



SSD 256GB (Ultra Fast)

Desktop Page Icons-08.png

GT730 2GB

Desktop Icns-01.png

Monitor (UltraThin Curve)

 24” FullHD 1080p IPS 60HZ

1920R/1800R Curvature

Desktop Icons-05.png

BlueTooth BT5.0 adapter

Desktop Icons-06.png

Wifi Dual Band


Touch Responsive Gaming Keyboard & Mouse

Gaming Workstation - Tower - Alone.jpg

Through INNOVATION, SmartLife has brought the power of SERVER technology to the HOME. Experience the power of 6 core and 12 threads working with SSD technology to generate lightning fast performance at home.


No more spending  over 10k to build a workstation!

For the minimal cost you get the ultimate workstation for $5,500....  Run multiple HD and 4k screens (up to 3 screens) form this system.


The ultimate value for money!


Utilize the 12 threads to generate maximum load to carry out a multitude of any multitasking function.

Easily powers multiple illustrator rendering tasks, while on your tube playing videos, and on ZOOM!

Easily handles medium to moderate FPS modern day video games!

Power Supply

High Power/Efficiency

Gaming Power Supply



Graphics Card

GT730 2GB

Advanced gaming card

Desktop Page Icons-07.png
Smart Life Workstation Banner.jpg
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