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Desktop Icns-04.png

Intel Xeon E5-2450 2.0 Ghz

8 cores 16 threads

INTEL Xeon Server CPU

Desktop Icns-02.png

16 GB DDR3


SSD 512GB (Ultra Fast)

Desktop Page Icons-08.png

GTX1050 Ti  4GB

Advanced Dual Slot Gaming Card

Desktop Icns-01.png

Monitor (UltraThin Curve)

 24” FullHD 1080p IPS 60HZ

1920R/1800R Curvature

Desktop Icons-05.png

BlueTooth BT5.0 adapter

Desktop Icons-06.png

Wifi Dual Band


Desktop Page Icons-07.png

Touch Responsive Gaming Keyboard & Mouse

Gaming Workstation - Tower - Alone.jpg

Power Supply

High Power/Efficiency

Gaming Power Supply

Graphics Card

GTX1050 Ti 4GB

Advanced gaming card

Smart Life Workstation Banner.jpg
Desktop Slide Show three.jpg
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