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Through INNOVATION, SmartLife has brought the power of SERVER technology to the HOME. Experience the power of 6 core and 12 threads working with SSD technology to generate lightning fast performance at home.


No more spending 10k to build a workstation! For the minimal cost you get the ultimate workstation for $5,500....  Run multiple HD and 4k screens (up to 3 screens) form this system. The ultimate value for money!


Utilize the 12 threads to generate maximum load to carry out a multitude of any multitasking function.

Easily powers multiple illustrator rendering tasks, while on your tube playing videos, and on ZOOM!

Easily handles medium to moderate FPS modern day video games!


  • CPU : Intel Xeon L5645 2.8 Ghz (6 cores 12 threads) - INTEL Xeon Server CPU
    RAM : 8GB DDR3
    HD: SSD 250GB (Ultra Fast)
    Dedicated Graphics : GT730 2G
    Monitor (Curve) : 24” curved 1080p IPS 60HZ 1080P Curvature 1920R (ultra thin monitor)

    Network : 1GB ALN + WifiAudio

    Soundbar BT

    Wifi Dual Band PCI

    BlueTooth BT5.0 adapter

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